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 Become a Distributor 

Vision International makes it simple to become a distributor.  Work from home or office at the level and pace that suit you... And, as you progress and desire, you can move to higher levels. Please note that the terms and conditions on Vision Internationl's website takes prescedence over any described in the website or any published articles by Vision IPG USA LLC..

Buy just for yourself or your family, that's fine.  You still receive distributor discounts (50-60%) and you order directly from Vision International.  Minimum order is eight bottles (1 case equal to 95 CV points) of any one or combination of products.  Buy once, twice, or ever how often it suits you over the next 9 months to remain active with Vision International.  This level does not involve recruiting new distributors, and you will not receive any bonuses or commissions from sales by distributors you may recruit, or CV points for products you purchase.  This is a good way to meet your own, ongoing needs at a substantial discount.

Or, buy for yourself and, also, for sale to your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or acquaintances.  You buy products from Vision International at distributor discounts (50-60%) and re-sell them at full retail price.  This way you can pay for the product you use and make extra money for other things.  Minimum order is 1 case of any one or assortment of products (95 CV points).  As above,  this level does not involve recruiting new distributors, and you will not receive any bonuses or commissions from sales by distributors you may recruit, , or CV points for products you purchase.  This is a natural progression from the first stage of buying just for yourself and your family.

Or, buy for yourself, for re-sale and recruit new distributors.  This provides you with additional income, because you will receive from Vision International a percentage of all sales made by the distributors you recruit.  This is in addition to the discounts your already receive.  And your distributors can recruit their own distributors -- you will also receive a percentage on the sales they make.  It just keeps adding up.  Earnings can mount quickly as your distributors make sales and sign on new distributors.  To qualify for this program, you only need to purchase 16 bottles (2 cases equal to 190 CV points) of any one or combination of products.  Under this program, you can recruit distributors and earn commissions from their sales.   You also start to earn credits for bonuses and premiums.

Start small and grow as you gain experience, confidence, and know-how.

A full description of the many levels available from Vision International is available at the Vision International Web site.  We invite you to visit it at the following address:


Ordering Procedure
As a distributor you can place orders directly with Vision International.  The company has a Web site for distributors to place orders.  Many distributors prefer this option, because it is both quick and convenient.

First Order
Every new distributor starts with a first order.  With Vision, it is simple.  Your first order must be for a minimum of eight bottles (1 case of product equal to 95 CV points) of any one or combination of products.

What Are CV Points?
You probably saw the phrase "CV points" above.  CV stands for Commission Value.  CV points are used to determine commissions, bonuses, prizes, and other benefits from Vision International.

Every product has a CV value.  A non-binding sample of CV's is shown on the "Product Price List". Please note that these are NOT current and are shown only for demonstration purposes.

How to Become a Distributor
To become a distributor, you only need fill out a distributor agreement online. You will then have access to Vision's online distributor's catalog.  You can peruse the catalog online, order products online in any combination (remember, 1 or more cases of 8 bottles each) and make secure online payment using a Visa or MasterCard.  The process is simple, fast, and accurate.  Delivery of product from  Europe usually takes 15-30 days.

There is no fee to sign the contract; however, you are obligated by good faith to actively work with Vision to promote and sell its products.

For a distributor agreement, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:  e-mail:  info@visionipg-usa.com  or by Telephone at (812) 406-0788.

Other Benefits for Distributors
As a Vision International Distributor, you operate entirely independently.  You set you own goals, activities, and work hours.

Vision actively supports its distributors.  As you gain experience and achieve success, Vision International offers marketing brochures and training courses.  And, of course, you can always contact us, your sponsor, with any questions you may have.

In addition, Vision International regularly holds conferences and meetings in major European cities -- Paris, Rome, Budapest, and others.  You can attend to get to know your fellow distributors, learn more about Vision products, receive training, and simply meet new people and see the sights.  Moreover, the trip may be tax deductible as a business expense.

Your Own Web Pages
For those who are interested, Vision International has an easy-to-use program to set up Web pages, which are are also hosted by the company.

This will save you many of the costs associated with creating your own web pages from scratch (using designers, coders, domain name fees, hosting fees, and many others) and keep you from having to get on a very steep learning curve.

These pages can be of your own design within certain limits. This program is very easy to use and can be done online. You can have an up and running web site in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take!

Once you are signed in as a Distributor, you will find the guides to the web design section.

Should Everyone Become a Distributor?
In a word, No.  If you only want to order a bottle or two every now and then, there may be no reason to become a distributor.  On the other hand, if you foresee the possibility of placing ongoing orders and of providing Vision products to friends, family, or beyond, then by all means consider becoming a distributor to earn money and benefit others with the fine natural health food supplements from Vision International.

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Lifepac Junior+
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03. Detox+
04. Pax+ forte
05. Lifepac Junior+
06. Lifepac Senior
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08. Cupers Neo
09. Passilat
10. D4X Smart Food