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Vision Sales Commission Plan

There are two ways you can earn money by being a distributor of Vision products:

First, you can buy Vision products at a discount of 55-60%.  Even if you buy just for yourself and a few friends or family, the savings can quickly add up.  If you re-sell to friends and acquaintances, you can possibly pay for the products you use yourself plus add some income for other purposes.  If you decide to re-sell Vision products on a regular part-time or full-time basis, you can potentially earn substantial money.  You decide what suits you best.  Start small.... grow big, as you wish! -- without upfront risks or open-ended commitments.

distributors can also earn money on sales made by others they recruit to be distributors.  Do you know someone who has a circle of friends different from yours?  Possibly he or she would like to offer Vision products to them.  If you sign that person as a distributor, you also will receive a commission on any sales he or she makes -- without taking anything away from that person.  Everyone wins!

Here is how the commission system works for those who sign up new distributors:

Vision International distributors earn commissions under one of the following two systems: Green Wave and Professional.

  • Green Wave
    This system applies to newly recruited distributors during the first three months, or three qualifying periods, of their operation following the signing of their contract.

Thus, Vision pays a 20% commission on the sales (commodities turnover) generated by the first downline distributors and a 5% commission each on the sales (commodities turnover) generated by distributors of the second, third, fourth, and fifth levels, respectively.

Please note that any attempt to calculate commissions on the sales (commodities turnover) generated by levels 1 through 6 on your own using the Internet key (VIP Club) are prone to errors. Under this program, green-wave novices are not singled out as a separate group, which makes it impossible for you to correctly compute the commission fee payable on your own.

  • Professional
    When the three months, or the three qualifying periods, elapse and as he/she gains more experience in the network business, the distributor switches over to the Professional system.

Under this system, Vision pays a 5% commission on sales  (commodities turnover) generated by the first and second downline distributors, and a 10% commission on the sales (commodities turnover) generated by distributors of the third, fourth, and fifth levels, respectively.

Should distributors whose immediate sponsor operates under the Green Wave system be present in the first five downline levels, then a 5% commission shall accrue on their personal sales (commodities turnover).

VIP Bonus
From that point on, distributors will also be entitled to a 10% commission on the sales (commodities turnover) generated by distributors of the sixth level, and also a 1% to 6% commission on the sales (commodities turnover) generated by their downline groups beginning from the seventh level to infinity.

How Are Commissions Paid?
Commissions and bonuses are paid on the basis of sales made by distributors you sign up.  If you do not have any distributors, you still can purchase Vision products at discounts up to 40%.

Commissions and bonuses are deposited directly in your bank account.  When you become a distributor, simply fill out a short form authorizing deposits to your account.  Vision takes care of the rest.  If you have questions, e-mail, call, or fax us.  Our e-mail is info@visionipg-usa.com.  Tel.  (812) 406-0788.  Fax: (812) 406-0675.

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