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The Other Medicine

“Standard” or “chemical” medicines are often set in contrast to phytotherapy. Yet there is a place for each in the therapeutic weaponry available in today's world.   "Standard” pharmaceuticals have held center-stage for nearly a century because of the excellent results that they have achieved in many areas.  However, little by little, unwanted side effects have crept into many standard pharmaceutical products.  This sounds a note of caution.

“Natural Health” products, the fruits of phytotherapy, offer primary treatments whose gentler action will help prevent illness and treat numerous chronic problems.  Phytotherapy acts in depth by stimulating beneficial responses and without attacking the body. The results are more effective and longer-lasting action free from side effects.

Phytotherapy's success

Our era is deeply marked by the quest for a healthier life, a return to nature, to essential values.

With its deep, gentle action, phytotherapy emerges as an ideal answer to modern-day ills that characterize of our society, such as stress, sleep loss, and weight gain.

Phytotherapy's success is also explained by the high level of technical and scientific expertise that has been achieved in the field.  Agronomy, chemistry and pharmacology have progressed to the point where it is now possible to develop safer, more suitable, and more effective therapeutic and pharmaceutical components.

Because their action is so gentle, the health medicines derived from phytotherapy can be your day-to-day allies. Children, like their parents, can thus enjoy phytotherapy's benefits.  Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.  As a well-informed medical specialist, he will be able to guide your choice.

A Recognized Science

It was in 1986 that the French Ministry of Health officially recognized phytotherapy as a medicine in its own right.  The medicines recommended in phytotherapy all have specific active principal contents, which means they contain active substances in always known concentrations.

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