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The WHO philosophy
is the conscious choice
a person makes in favor of a healthy
lifestyle, in favor of excellent health.

The Vision corporate philosophy is called the Whole Health Option, or, abbreviated-WHO. The basis of that philosophy is the avowal that a person’s health is the supreme value and the understanding of health as the harmony of the physical, mental, intellectual, and social quality of life.

The conditions under which modern man lives often prove unfavorable to his health.  Sometimes they can’t be changed.  Nevertheless, much of that which determines a person’s state of health remains in our power.  For example, what we eat, how long we sleep, who we socialize with, etc.  All that is the result of the individual choices that a person makes based on his own personal value system.  It is the value system in particular that determines a person’s behavior, his habits, his priorities, and in general that which is called lifestyle.

The choice to enjoy excellent health is an individual’s personal choice.  However, it is very hard to make that choice alone-the help of like-minded people is needed, because a person is very frequently compelled to make his choices under conditions of an unhealthy information blockade, for example, oppressed by shrill advertising that encourages him to consume things that are destructive to his health-tobacco, alcohol, fast food, and so on.  That “advertising tyranny” can only be countered if there is the support of a community of like-minded people who have already made a conscious choice in favor of good health.

Today thousands of people throughout the world can be grateful to Vision distributors, bearers of the WHO philosophy, for help in making the right choice.  In this way, by creating a meritocracy of good health, the Company erects a beacon, by the light of which all of its followers with good sense will orient themselves.

The Whole Health Option philosophy is a fundamental focus on good health. The science of Contactology, that is, the science of contacts, exists in order to help a person who shares the WHO philosophy make the right choice in any of life’s situations.  This isn’t a strict scientific discipline, but rather a person’s conscious responsibility for his acts from the point of view of whether these acts are good or bad for his health. Contactology is the science of contacts, of ways to discern them and to organize the best parameters of good health, a long life, and material well-being.

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