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Lifepack Junior+
Lifepack Junior+
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ARKOPHARMA - The science of health, naturally
The Company’s main strategic partner is Pharmaceutical Laboratories ARKOPHARMA, one of the largest pharmaceutical concern in Europe, in cooperation with which Vision has built Nutripharma, its own plant in Ireland.
By adopting a comprehensive approach to health and well-being, Pharmaceutical Laboratories ARKOPHARMA aim to meet consumers’ expectations by providing natural medicines, designed both to cure and to prevent.
Phytotherapy and nutrition therapy, those natural medicines, provide a particularly good solution to the "ills of civilisation" brought on by stress, poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. They meet the need to "feel good" and to keep in shape. It is ARKOPHARMA’s incessant innovative thrust and its quest for ever-better quality that enabled it quickly to become n° 1 in phytotherapy in france.
True to its philosophy, ARKOPHARMA views its mission as a pharmaceutical company with the greatest respect for Nature and basic ethical principles. Strict scientific rules and measures to ensure quality help to produce natural,novel, safe and effective medicines.


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