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About "Vision International People Group"

Vision International People Group is one of Europe's largest natural health food companies.  Its mission is to create a new culture of health for human beings. This is the impetus for  its products such as biologically active food supplements, healing cosmetics, natural clothing, and natural therapy cosmetics. All Vision products are of the highest quality.

The Company’s corporate philosophy is called the "Whole Health Option", or WHO.  Our mission statement reads: "Our Business is about Health, and We Build Healthy Businesses!," that is to say, our business is about reliability, long-term commitment to our clients, profitability, and health, which is, after all, the main need that every human being should make his or her top priority. Since its inception in 1996, Vision International People Group has been been steadfast in its commitment to create a new world culture of health as the highest priority of individuals and society at large. For that reason, the Company’s core lines of business focuses on health care and longevity products and services.

Our Sources of Natural Ingredients

The specialists at Vision have identified 75 regions on the Earth as the most ecologically clean and suitable for producing and providing natural raw materials for our products.  We consider factors such as air and soil quality, altitude, average annual temperature, humidity, intensity of ultra-violet light from the sun, and even the orientation to the  Earth's axis.

The information we collect about the prime regions is kept in dynamic database that is updated daily.  The database is an important part of Vision's "know-how" and is a closely held trade secret.

Based on the data collected, each region receives an ecological certification.  This is how every one of our products and biologically active food supplements begins its existence and transformation into a quality product.

The natural plant ingredients we use are harvested only at specific times of the year, when the vital strength of each herb and plant is at its peak.  The live herbs  are then placed into special "eco-containers" for shipment to our factory for processing.

Vision's Processing and Product Standards

In our production process we employ a technology known as "cryogrinding", which is the milling of natural ingredients at very low temperatures in an atmosphere of nitrogen.  This helps preserve the natural benefits of each plant and herb component.

Vision's biologically active supplements are produced in conditions that fully conform to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).  GMP was first implemented in the United States in 1963 for producers of pharmacological preparations to help ensure high quality, safe products made by qualified personnel in state-of-the art facilities.  To quote from the US Federal Register, "The regulations . . . contain the minimum current good manufacturing practice for methods to be used in, and the facilities or controls to be used for, the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug to assure that such drug meets the requirements of the act as to safety, and has the identity and strength and meets the quality and purity characteristics that it purports or is represented to possess."
(Federal Register, “Drugs; Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacture, Processing, Packing or Holding,” Part 133, 28 FR 6385, June 20, 1963).

All Vision products are characterized by carefully selected components of the highest quality. The Company’s main strategic partner is Arkopharma, one of the largest pharmaceutical concerns in Europe.  In cooperation with Arkopharma, Vision has built Nutripharma, a specialized factory in Ireland.

All Vision products are manufactured under conditions that fully meet European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) norms, and our products are formally certified and registered in all the countries where the company has operations. The company has established a formal business presence in numerous European nations, including Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, the Czech Republic,  Bulgaria, Vietnam,  Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.

High quality goods with the Vision International People Group trademark are promoted and marketed via direct marketing methods through a network of independent distributors. Such a marketing system is referred to as multilevel level marketing, or MLM.

The first ever MLM company was set up by Carl Rehnborg in the 1930’s in the USA. His new method of marketing nutritional goods and services was so effective that before long it gained worldwide recognition. At some point in their history, international corporations such as Colgate, Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Panasonic, and Toyota themselves employed some of the marketing tools used by MLM businesses.

At present, over 3,000 MLM companies operate throughout the world, with nearly 47 million people professionally engaged in them.  Their total turnover exceeds $80 billion US dollars. The impact that the network marketing industry has on our economic and social lives goes way beyond simply satisfying everyday consumer demands. Network marketing offers a promising alternative or even better a great complement to traditional forms and methods of working, and we see conventional companies increasingly using this powerful tool to effectively market their goods and services to become the leading provider in their market.


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