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The Best of Nature
The efficacy of phytotherapeutic medicines depends above all on the choice of plants included in their composition.  Thanks to the skills of plant chemists, we know which species within one and the same plant family are the most useful.  We know how to determine accurately the ideal date when they should be picked.  We can define the most propitious growing conditions, the best region, the best soil, and the best aspect.  Finally, we know how to choose, with the greatest precision, the most active part of the plant.
Plant selection is carried out on a strictly scientific basis. Such is modern phytotherapy:  100% plant-based.
In 1997, Arkopharma caused a sensation when it introduced the first 100% plant-based group of products, thus confirming its position as the leader in phytotherapy.

Also in 1997, Arkopharma replaced the gelatin traditionally used for capsules with a natural substitute of vegetable origin, a cellulose derivative. Cellulose surrounds and protects the cells of all plants.  The 100% plant-based capsule is entirely natural and contains neither gluten nor preservatives.


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