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Junior Neo+
Junior Neo+
tel: (812) 406-0788
Direct Hit for Children

The biologically active food supplements of Lifepac Junior in the Classic Hit series has been expanded to introduce this special new product line.

This line of biologically active food supplements (BAFS), designed for children ages 4 and up, helps help the child’s body grow and develop correctly, be active, help strengthen his motor apparatus, his immune system, and improve performance.

Every day the still weak and unformed body of a child has to withstand a myriad of negative factors that come with the modern style of living. Stresses, tiredness, sleep loss, overstrain of the nervous system, and changing weather conditions all conspire against a child’s body defenses.

Avoiding these factors is not an easy task, which is why parents see to it that their children get healthy and balanced nutrition containing all essential micronutrients which cannot be obtained directly from their daily meals.

To solve this problem, one must develop healthy eating habits from childhood on and provide his growing body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and BAFS are a source of those substances, which help the child’s body grow and develop correctly, be active, help strengthen his motor apparatus, his immune system, and improve performance.

Certainly, reacting to market demands, many companies do offer general purpose BAFS for children.

However, the LifePac Junior (LPJ) products that the Vision Company has released are unique in that they are based on the latest research and state-of-the-art developments, as they combine the unique properties of fresh royal jelly and honey, bamboo extract, highly concentrated organic silicon, vitamins, and macronutrient elements.

You are not going to find such efficient components in any other product, try as you might!

The LPJ line comprises six products, which will make up the ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances so necessary for children.

The BAFS of the Junior Pack line come in a variety of easy-to-use packaging, including tubes, paste, capsules, and tables. Also, these products will attract children with their delicious taste and superb flavor features: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and vanilla.

    Product Name  Price 
Junior Neo+ Junior Neo+  

Junior Neo helps to fully compensate for the lack of nutrients in the diets of children and teenagers, and it promotes their normal growth and development... more information
Be Big Be Big  

Temporarily Out of Stock
This has been designed for children from the age of 6 years on up. It comes in the form of rasberry flavored chewable capsules and provides some of the essential BAFs for growth... more information

Be Wise Be Wise  

Temporarily Out of Stock
Be Wise has been designed for children from the age of 4 on up. The strawberry flavored chewable tablets are rich in vitamins and minerals... more information
Be Smart Be Smart

Be Smart has been developed for children of ages 4 years and up. Coated Capsules come in blister packs. The chewable capsules are filled with rich Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) with vitamins A and D. ... more information
Be Strong Be Strong

$ 49.90
Be Strong is designed for children 6 years and up and is a bioactive food supplement that is recommended as an additional source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, and D3. It comes in... more information

Be Healthy Be Healthy

$ 35.90
Be Healthy is a lozenge that can be sucked on by your child. These contain Popolis, made by bees. which has numerous healthy features. It also contains proteins and carbohydrates, two of the major building blocks of the growing child... more information

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01. Junior Neo
02. Be Healthy
03. Be Smart
04. Be Strong
05. Be Big
06. Be Wise

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