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Classic Hit  

The biologically active food supplements in the Classic Hit series provide the human body with essential macro- and micro-elements, as well as important nutrients and vitamins.

The Classic Hit series has been designed by leading specialists, using advanced nutrition technology to improve the body's resistance to infection and the effects of environmental pollution.  In addition, the products in the series increase the body's energy and efficiency.

    Product Name  Price 
Antiox Antiox+  

$ 29.90
Antiox+ contains the complete range of natural antioxidants to protect the body against the formation of free radicals, to neutralize them, and to prevent the development of... more information

Chromevital+ Chromevital+  

$ 29.90  
Chromevital+ is a superior source of Chromium for better health. This product is a food supplement that benefits the body... more information

Detox+ Detox+  

$ 29.90
Detox+ is an anti-microbial. It regulates, restores, and strengthens the immune system. It is recommended for people with immune system problems, for combined AIDS treatment... more information

Mega Mega  

$ 29.90
Mega improves the general resistance of the body, regulates the immune system, and improves the body’s resistance to infections and the effects of an unhealthy environment... more information

Lifepac Senior Lifepac Senior  

Temporarily Out Of Stock  
Lifepack Senior consists of vitamins, minerals, and other biologically active components, as well as the beneficial and important Bifidum bacteria to restore normal functioning of the intestines. It is designed to compensate for a deficiency in vitamins and minerals... more information

Nutrimax Nutrimax +   

$ 29.90
Nutrimax+ supplements the daily intake of vitamins and minerals, helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and has an anti- inflammatory and diuretic effect... more information

Pax+ Forte Pax+ Forte  

$ 29.90
Pax+forte clears the mind and reduces the effects of stress without producing that "foggy" feeling.  This is an amazing product when you need a clear mind without jitters or nervousness ... more information

Sveltform Sveltform+  

$ 29.90
Sveltform+ regulates appetite and helps decrease weight by regulating the body's metabolism. Sveltform+ contains vitamin C, it regulates and improves pancreatic function... more information

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01. Detox+
02. Antiox+
03. Mega
04. Pax+ forte
05. Nutrimax+
06. Sveltform+
07. Lifepack Senior
08. Chromevital+

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