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Herbal Tea

Vision Tea compositions have been specially developed by a group of experts of a research laboratory for a company which has been producing herbal teas in Lithuania since 1883.

These teas take into account the unique attributes of each ingredient as well as taste preferences of consumers - retaining at the same time a full specter of beneficial properties. Each mixture is distinguished by an individual bouquet of aromas and flavors.

Our tea mixtures warm and tone up or calm the nervous system, and contribute to good metabolism.

Brewing these teas is as easy and simple as preparing regular tea in bags

Vision Teas contain NO artificial coloring agents, flavoring agents, preservatives or additives.

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Hibiscus and Wild Berries Hibiscus & Wild Berriers Tea

Temporarily Out Of Stock

A cup of this fragrant tea will not only warm you up and lift your mood, but also has a beneficial effect on the way your body functions, thanks to the action of its natural ingredients.more information

Lemongrass Green Tea Lemongrass Green Tea

Temporarily Out Of Stock
Lemongrass has a favorable effect on digestion and helps strengthen the overall body. Green Tea is a high concentration of antioxidents and a rich source of vitamins, minerals, valuable essential oil and flavenoids ... <more information
Linden & Mint Tea Linden and Mint Tea

Temporarily Out Of Stock

This tea is rich in many benefical substances including vitamins and valuable essential oils. Linden has long been used in folk medicines as an analeptic and antipyretic drug. This tea is a tasty, scent laden tea that will warm you and ...more information

Melissa & Wild Rose Tea Melissa and Wild Rose Tea

Temporarily Out Of Stock
This tea is rich in C Vitamins, micronutrients, flavonoids, and essential oils. it is a very refreshing drink, an excellent thirst quencher, an effective stress remover, and a splendid restorative after heavy physical work ...more information

Wild Rose & Thyme Tea Wild Rose and Thyme Tea

Temporarily Out Of Stock

This tea is a treasure trove of valuable essential oils and flavonoids, mint and thyme that has beneficial effects on all the systems in and organs in your body. A cup of this amazing drink will not only return your mental harmony and give you vital new ...more information


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D4X Smart Food
D4X Smart Food
01. Lemongrass Green
02. Hibiscus Wild Berries
03. Melissa Wild Rose

04. Wild Rose Thyme

05. Linden & Mint

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