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EnjoyNT Gel
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EnjoyNT FS

$ 37.90
Freedom to Movement!

Problems with joints may occur at any age. The main reason is excessive load put on the joints.

The high-risk group includes those professionally involved in hard activities, as well as athletes, dancers, and other physically active people.

The risk also lies with those who are overweight and/or have sedentary jobs - for example shop assistants, office clerks, hairdressers.

The situation may further worsen by bad habits, allergies, unbalanced diet and genetic predisposition.

The development of joint diseases at a mature age is a terrifying scenario.

At first, one would use marginally effective physiotherapeutic procedures and pain killers that only temporarily bring relief, while damaging the stomach.

Soon those pain killers fail to provide relief, and stronger drugs need to be prescribed.

Then an operation follows. The joint is replaced with a prosthesis. Crutches. Wheelchair. Immobility. And inexorable torturing pain.

Besides this, the involuntary immobility causes muscle tissue dystrophy, worsens blood vessel condition, complicates blood supply to all organs, including brain vessels.

And this leads to memory impairment and senile dementia.

    protect joints subjected to big loads
    make active life possible at any age
    assist restoration of damaged cartilage
    return mobility and flexibility to joints
    stimulate collagen production

One capsule contains:

Glucosamine (Glucosamine hydrochloride)............... 500 mg
Chondroitin (Chondroitin sodium sulphate)................ 10 mg
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).................................. 10 mg
Bamboo extract (Bamboo stem dry extract).............. 10 mg

Biologically Active Food Supplement (BAFS) for comprehensively sustaining the joint health.

Individual intolerance to the product components, pregnancy and nursing.

For adults, 1 capsule daily at meals, washed down with water.

30 capsules.

Store at room temperature (less than 25o C or 77o F) in a dry place. Keep away from children.

Shelf Life:
Three (3) years from the date of manufacture noted on the container


Glucosamine supports regeneration of the damaged cartilage and prevents its destruction

Chondroitin acts as a building material for the creation of new, healthy cartilaginous tissue

MSM (methylsufonylmethane) has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative action - keeps the cartilageinous tissue of joints healthy

Bamboo extract stimulates collagen release in bones and connective tissues, takes part in cartilage regeneration. Thanks to its ability to provide active re-mineralization, this wonderful component is also able to prevent bone tissue emaciation, thereby protecting from "age" fractures, the worst of which is hip fracture.

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