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$ 50.39         
This is a Brand New Product Formulated By and For Vision International!

Bioactive food supplement.

DiReset: My Immunity Is My Castle

DiReset is designed to stimulate the immune system, provide a detoxifying action, and normalize functions of the digestive system. It is a natural formulation which is intended protect the human body from various diseases. DiReset will become a most reliable ally for modern people that want to strengthen and refresh their immunity.

One capsule contains:



100 mg (4%)*

Spirulina powder

50 mg

Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan

14 mg (7%)*

Vitamin E

6 mg (40%)*


50 μg (M67%-F76%)*

    * % of the recommended daily allowance

30 capsules.

One capsule a day for adults.

Storage conditions:
Store at room temperature (not exceeding 25ºС) in a dry place, keep away from children.

Shelf Life:
Three (3) years

This food supplement is not nutritionally appropriate in cases of the individual intolerance to the ingredients, for pregnant and breast feeding women.

Notes on Contents

Beta Glucan: This was discovered back in the 1960's in shiitake mushrooms. It has since played quite an essential part in contemporary immunology. Beta-glucan is a nutrient for macrophages and leucocytes—immune blood cells. It accelerates their maturation, activates them and significantly prolongs their existence. Apart from a pronounced immune-modulating effect, beta-glucan also possesses antioxidant properties that shield DNA cells from the adverse impact of free radicals. In short, it known to strengthen a persons immunity system.

Inulin: This a natural prebiotic that promotes normalization of the intestinal microflora and improves digestion. It helps the body assimilate necessary vitamins and minerals, boosts hematopoietic system and enhances immunity. For DiReset, inulin has been produced out of chicory grown in ecologically safe areas.

Spirulina:This tiny bluish green seaweed contains more than a thousand healthy substances—vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Spirulina is also a wonderful source of protein. Its unique biochemical composition allowed it to preserve practically unchanged through millions of years of evolution. Thanks to its rich composition, spirulina strengthens the “intestinal immunity”, simultaneously improving digestive tract performance. Spirulina, intended for DiReset, has been gathered from the bottom of the Lake Chad in Africa and the Lake Qinghai in China.

Vitamin E: This is a well-known, great antioxidant. Not only does it slows down oxidation processes, but is also responsible for defence reactions of the body, and also stimulates immunity.

Selenium: One of the most important microelements, it enhances the effect of vitamin E. It also protects the body from free radicals and activates immunity.

Biologically active food supplements are not intended to substitute for the varied and balanced diet and healthy life-style

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