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QuadrActiv Bracelet
(Special Order Item - 3 to 5 Weeks Delivery Time)

Woman's Bracelet

Temporarily Out Of Stock
Bracelet QuadrActiv
Man's Bracelet

Temporarily Out Of Stock

The most modern technology has been used In the production of the Vision QuadrActiv bracelet. It is made of the best Japanese surgical steel (type 316L), 23-carat gold plating, plus unique bio-ceramic inserts that bring unique benefits to the body.

The bracelet is non-allergenic and comes in a Women's Model (narrower) and Men's Model (wider).

The combination of four unique and tried technologies helps you maintain and improve your health:

Bioceramic inserts provide beneficial infra-red rays (wavelength of 4-14 microns).

Bioceramic inserts contain negatively charged oxygen ions (800 to 1000 ions per cm3).

Bioceramic magnetic inserts create a magnetic field of 750-800 gauss.

Bioceramic germanium inserts (200 PPM) emit conversion electrons at extremely short wavelengths.

QuadrActiv uses germanium's quality as a leading semiconductor. Germanium is subject to an active chemical process as a result of which conversion elections are released that radiate at an extraordinarily short wavelength. Tactile contact with germanium (that is, when it has direct contact with the body), causes positive biochemical processes in the body.

It is known there are numerous biologically active spots on our wrists that are connected to the internal organs. When the curative properties of germanium are combined with magneto therapy, their positive effects reinforce each other: the lympho-drainage function of the tissues increases significantly and the elasticity and tone of the vessels normalizes, increasing blood flow and expanding diameter of the capillaries.  This action has important anti-edemic, and immuno-stimulating effects.

According to several scientific studies germanium has the following properties:

    · Helps normalize physiological functions
    · Helps normalize blood pressure and cholesterollevels
    · Protects body from harmful cellular mutations
    · Improves immune defenses and metabolism
    · Helps prevent sickness by improving the cells' ability to produce energy.  Helps improve cell oxygenation

Continual wearing of the Vision QuadrActiv bracelet helps achieve:

    · Holistic invigoration of the circulatory system, improved of blood coagulation
    · Enrichment of cells with oxygen and, consequently, their rejuvenation
    · Intensification of microcirculation; enhancement of tissue elasticity
    · Activation of blood vessel expansion's anti-edemic and immuno-stimulating actions

People who use the "Vision QuadrActiv" bracelet experience:

    · Reduction in the intensity of physical pain
    · Muscles relaxation
    · Improved stress resistance
    · Less tiredness
    · Improved energy levels

These Bracelets are a Special Order Item:
We do not stock these items in the United States at Vision IPG USA - but we will special order and deliver these to you, with shipping at our expense, in about 3-5 weeks from the date your order is received by us. These special order items must be paid for when you order.

Please be sure you've selected the correct bracelet on your order to us.


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